Sunday, January 20, 2008


Various pitches for TV shows and ads. The first and third were for Disney TV in the U.S. and the second one was for Studio A.K.A. in London. 
(The last one could possibly be copyright to Disney TV, so I'd better say it is as the Mouse has much scarier lawyers than me.) 


Anonymous said...


Amazing body of work here. The last one is fantastic.

Do you create in Illustrator then texture it up in Photoshop?

Chris Garbutt said...


Most of the stuff on here's hand-scribbled then fiddled with on Photoshop.

I've been mucking about with Painter and Illustrator, but so far it's mostly amounted to colourful bin fodder!

Anonymous said...

Did Disney ever pick up on the pitch for the 'Rays Motel' piece? - Would love to see some of those BGs in action.

Loving the Robotboy stuff a little further down too.

Chris Garbutt said...

I don't think they did pick up that show. It wasn't actually my pitch, Disney just got me to have a stab at some characters and locations while I was working in their development department.

Glad you like the Robotboy stuff. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

A blog with plenty of beautiful Illustrator! thumb up!!