Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hello! Above is a new short written and directed by the wonderful Rikke Asbjoern! Check out Rikke's Vimeo page here for a bigger and better quality video and give her a high five!
I was lucky enough to art direct and do the backgrounds. We produced this towards the end of last year, during our final days at the Cartoon Network in London. The idea was for Rikke to make around 4 or 5 of these. She did 2 more boards, but we got too busy on one of my projects and only got a chance to finish this one. Below are a couple of the BGs I produced for it.

Another piece I did last year is this cover for uber Author Jo Nesbo and the first book in his series Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder.

I've been super busy since arriving in LA in February and have been up to my boobs in storyboarding on a fantastic project for Dreamworks. Obviously I can't post anything about it otherwise I'll have both my balls instantly targeted by the Dreamworks legal sniper! But here are a bunch of links to a few of the great artists I'm very lucky to be working with right now.... Bob Logan, Sean Charmatz and Thurop Van Orman. Check out their stuff and send them love!

Also here's a sneak peek image from another project I did for the Cartoon Network.
Hopefully one day I'll get to post the whole thing online!

The ATM and related artwork, and the image at the bottom of this post, are all copyright of the Cartoon Network (I think so anyway, better to be safe than have my balls sniped!).

UPDATE - Also, I forgot to mention, the last image in this post features an awesome background by the amazing Kevin Dart! And the last one in the post below (the image featuring Hamilton Majors) has a BG done by super talent, Eli Hanselman. Thanks guys and also a big friendly face punch to celebrity Frenchman, Sylvain Marc who did some incredible character concept work on the project.