Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Pinky Malinky is an animated short I created and directed as part of a series of six shorts produced at the Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe in 2009. As I said in the previous post, our brief was to create something short, funny and that could show potential for being developed further towards a TV series.
The main character Pinky is a 14 year old boy who awoke on his first day of High School to discover he's been transformed into a 3-foot tall hotdog sausage! It's a show about fitting in at High School, but with the added difficulty of being a quite literally a wiener!
The short was written alongside Rikke Asbjorn and shows Pinky trying to overcome his fear of the school bully, Barry Fistburger...all set to a Rock/Heavy Metal soundtrack!
Here are some screen shots from the short...

Here are the storyboards from the film. I did these in Photoshop then we put them together as an animatic. We then did layouts from the rough boards and animated it all in-house using a combination of Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator. The whole thing was then put together in After Effects.

Here's a bunch of design and early concept stuff from the show. The human character designs were worked up from Warwick Johnson Cadwell's initial brilliant concept designs.

A big thanks to CN for allowing us to produce these shorts, and a massive, hearty and well earned slap on the back to all the wonderful people who helped make it happen. Here are the credits...

Created and Directed by Chris Garbutt
Written by Chris Garbutt and Rikke Asbjorn
Storyboards - Chris Garbutt
Lead Animator - Rikke Asbjorn
Animation - Rich Wake
Art Director - Chris Garbutt
Compositing - Stephane Coedel
Editing - Lee Gingold
Voice Talent - Ben Small and Rasmus Hardiker
Music - Dave Newby
SFX and Final Mix - Hackenbacher
Big Thanks to - Steve Small, Charlie Bean, Matt Black, Alan Kerswell, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Celine Desrumaux and Tim Bjorklund
Production - Angelica Jung-Woo, Joy Whilby and Jen Coatsworth
Exec Producers - Suzanne Berman and Daniel Lennard


The Furry Pals is an animated short created and directed by Rikke Asbjorn and produced at the Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe. I art directed the project as well as storyboarding and writing it alongside Rikke.
It was amongst six original shorts produced at the studio and our brief was simply to create something short, funny and that would show some potential to being developed further towards a TV series.
So Rikke's idea was basically about a gang of reckless, but lovable animal pals on an ill fated quest to help other creatures in need. Like the animal A-Team.
The short itself is really just a chase cartoon, but we expanded upon the larger concept in a mini-bible including character descriptions and some story synopsis that was also pitched to the network.

Here are the storyboards we produced for the short. These were then put into an animatic and then layouts were produced directly from the rough boards. The entire short was animated in Flash in-house at the studio.

These are a collection of backgrounds I produced for the short. They were all done in the photoshop and then the entire thing was composited in After Effects.

A huge, huge thanks goes out to the crew. Here are the credits...

Created and Directed by Rikke Asbjorn
Art Director - Chris Garbutt
Storyboards - Rikke Asbjorn and Chris Garbutt
Animation - Rikke Asbjorn, Valentina Ventiiglia and Gale Walton
Compositing - Celine Desrumaux
Editing - Jamie Foord
Voice Talent - Rob Rackshaw, Lewis Macleod and Charlie Bean.
Music and SFX - Dave Newby
Big Thanks to - Steve Small, Stephane Coedel, Tim Bjorklund and Clement Prigent
Production - Angelica Jung-Woo and Joy Whilby
Exec Producers - Daniel Lennard and Suzanne Berman