Saturday, December 29, 2012


For Christmas my parents bought me a great new watercolour field set for on-location mark-making! So, we stayed in cabin for a couple of days after Christmas and I carefully chose a prime spot to sit down and capture the joys of nature with my new gift. Below is the result... not bad for a first effort.


David Ziggy Greene said...

It's like a photograph!

Sean Charmatz said...

You saw heman on a wild boar?
So cool! Nice work!

surly hack said...

The joys of nature, indeed. Happy new year, Chris!

Hilary, aka surly hack

Chris Garbutt said...

Thanks everyone!
Happy New Year to you too, Hilary!
How's it going? Not heard from you in a long time!

surly hack said...

Things have been picking up lately. Mostly due to my new job as a janitor. But seriously, I'm still hopeful I'll make something of myself. Like a human pinata. Or maybe a nice cannibal casserole. What was the question?

St├ęphane Kardos said...